My HP Calculator Stuff

This is my collection of programs and other things that I've written for various HP calculators. Navigate using the buttons on the left. Feel free to download and use any of these. I am always availible to help with any of my programs or with HP calculators in general.

If you like the things I've done or have suggestions/comments, feel free to write me an email at I am on yahoo messenger and MSN often, with screen name of timwessman . . . (rather difficult, no?=) so if you'd like quick help, thats an easy way to contact me.

I am also working on a commercial surveying package using the hp49g+. More information can be found at PrecisionSS:DC49. I also won the HP 2005 Create-A-Calulator contest. That was fun.

Sept 20, 2005 Migrated site to my own domain. Edited a few things and hope to redesign the site into something nice.
Sept 06, 2004 Added IconChoose in the 49g+ section. An Icon based CHOOSE box replacement. Very nice interfaces created easily.
June 3, 2004 Added ChemLab39 to the 39g+ page. The only periodic table for the 39g+. Not related to ChemLab2.7 on the 49g+. Also availble for the 49g/48gii.
June 3, 2004 Added HPtran with 3 sets of data files and new imporved documentation. Also removed the old versions of the translator. Screenshots are now double size.


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